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Chimu to fly travellers over the South Pole in their newly released Great Southern Flights program

Chimu has announced the launch of a new scenic flights program with a difference. The program, named ‘Great Southern Flights’, will focus on flying travellers to witness landscapes and phenomena that lie over and beyond the Southern Ocean, all leaving from and returning to, various capital cities around Australia.

Itineraries in the new program will all take place on chartered Qantas 787-9 Dreamliners. They will include a second season of flights to the Southern Lights, where travellers fly into the Southern Auroral Zone overnight, to witness the Aurora Australis from the air, plus a new series of Antarctic scenic day flights, including a world first flight over the South Pole, direct from Australia.

Chimu will also offer travellers a bird’s eye view of the coast and mountain ranges of East Antarctica where history was made by the great explorers and, today, researchers still live and work. These flights award the traveller with incredible vistas of ice formations, frigid mountain ranges and dramatic coastlines carved out of ice. Lead by Antarctica and Astronomy experts, Great Southern Flights will offer the avid Antarctica traveller a full circle experience on the back of their Antarctic cruise adventures, whilst also offering those who have never cast eyes on anything further south than Australia, the opportunity to witness these extraordinary locations without effectively leaving their home country.

All flights will be carbon offset and will fundraise to support Chimu’s not for profit arm, the MAD Project. Prices start at A$1195 Head to the Great Southern Flights page for further details or contact your local travel agent.

SOURCE: Chimu Adventures