Discover the world’s best sailing destinations with Sunsail

Imagine looking out toward the horizon, the sunset glittering on the ocean, a warm breeze gently blowing, you clink champagne glasses and relax soaking up the last of the sun’s rays while waiting for dinner to be served on board your Sunsail yacht. This is the dream.

Making that dream a reality has never been easier. Sunsail offer yacht charters to the world’s most beautiful locations. Those with the right qualifications can charter their own yacht with Sunsail. Those without, can opt for the help of a skipper and crew to take charge. All you need to do, is pick from one of Sunsail’s exotic destinations and set sail.

The Caribbean
If the siren call of the Caribbean has caught your attention, you’re in luck. Sunsail offer sailing across several Caribbean islands. Discover the reason so many stories have been set in this part of the world by island hopping between St. Lucia and Grenada, dive to an underwater garden in Tortola, explore ancient Mayan ruins in Belize and relax on the pristine beaches of Antigua.

Destinations in the Caribbean offer a variety of sailing levels and itineraries. Beginners will love the real-life Treasure Island of Tortola. Those with a little more sailing experience, or with a crewed yacht, can enjoy diving the famous ship wrecks of the Bahamas, the laid-back beaches of St Martin, and spectacular reef near Antigua. Sailors with a lot of experience, or crewed yachts, can get to know the lush rainforests of Belize, the year-round warm weather of Grenada, the moreish local cuisine on St Lucia, and the protected marine parks of Exumas in the Bahamas.

The Mediterranean
The Mediterranean – where culture and cuisine combine to absolute perfection. With food, wine, historical cities and landmarks, and endless azure waters, the Mediterranean is an ideal sailing destination for all levels. Explore Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain with a variety of Sunsail itineraries.

Some of the easiest sailing conditions can be found around the Dalmatian Coast near Croatia. Discover the terracotta city of Dubrovnik and explore the quiet islands and national parks around Marina Agana.

Greece offers destinations for all sailing levels. Beginners and intermediate sailors will love Corfu and Lefkas, and those with a little more experience or a crewed charter will be lost in the beauty of Athens and its surrounding islands. A country known for its passion is sure to ignite a fire in your heart with sailings around Portarosa and the UNESCO-protected Aeolian Islands, the luxurious resort offerings around Procida, and the outstanding food and wine in Sardinia.

Sailing around Mallorca and Palma in Spain is adventurous. It’s best for intermediate sailors or those with a crewed charter. Explore the pristine beaches, ancient towns and gothic churches, and of course, the exceptional sailing through crystal clear waters.

South-East Asia, the South Pacific and Australia
When it comes to exceptional weather, lush greenery, white sand beaches and some of the world’s most incredible reef systems, Thailand, French Polynesia, Tonga and Australia know what they’re talking about.

Intermediate sailors (or crewed charters) will find paradise around Phuket, Thailand. Explore hidden caves, swim and dive with manta rays and whale sharks, dance until the sun comes up and taste the fresh, flavoursome traditional cuisine.

French Polynesia offers remote, exotic sailing with a beauty unlike almost anywhere in the world. Intermediate sailors can easily navigate the ocean around Raiatea, French Polynesia to discover coral reefs, Polynesian temples, and dramatic scenery.

Whale lovers unite. Tonga is the place to sail if you want to see these gentle giants. Intermediate sailors (or crewed charters) can island hop in this region to uncover the secrets of Tonga. Enjoy the local cuisine, the native wildlife, and the stunning Hunga Lagoon.

Australia’s Whitsundays offer a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s easy sailing for beginners and presents a unique opportunity to see the most famous reef system in the world up close. Dive and snorkel with turtles and dugongs and relax on the softest beaches in the world.

When it comes to the very best sailing destinations in the world, Sunsail have got it covered. Experience their self-chartered yachts, crewed charters, or even take part in sailing school. Sunsail have more than 40 years of experience expertly chartering and designing bespoke holidays. They offer unparalleled service, exceptional attention to detail and plenty of exciting destination options in the world’s best locations.

SOURCE: Sunsail


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