Oita Prefecture, gold medal for Japanese Onsen experiences

With more than 4,418 thermal hot springs (onsen) and the largest volume of spring water in Japan, Oita Prefecture is regarded as Japan’s thermal springs capital.

Known for their healing qualities, the thousands of onsen are peppered across Oita Prefecture – on the subtropical island of Kyushu in southwestern Japan. Providing sublime relaxation and contemplation, but like an Olympic race, the first onsen experience can be a bit worrisome.

All shapes and sizes
There is a huge variety of onsen to choose from in Oita, from the hot volcanic spring water onsen to the immersive black sand and mud baths. Taking a dip in the outside baths or rotenburo, is considered the most authentic experience, and offer beautiful views of Oita’s verdant landscape.

How to enjoy bathing in an onsen
For onsen novices, the rules of play can seem a little daunting. The majority of onsen are single sex and unless otherwise stated, nudity is expected.  You must shower yourself before bathing and be careful not to splash water or soap at others. Do not put your modesty towel in the water, your head under, long hair must be tied up and never wash your hair or body while bathing. The floor can be slippery so don’t run and once you are done soaking, use your modesty towel to wipe off excess water and sweat before entering the locker room. Tattoos are also frowned upon, given their long-held association in Japan with organised crime gangs, however more and more onsen now are accepting tattooed guests.

Go for gold
Understanding the manners to enter an onsen will change the worried feeling to excitement and the result will be an exceptionally soothing experience. For centuries, the Japanese have travelled to onsen towns in the belief that the mixture of minerals in the water have a medicinal effect and for Olympic athletes, a well-deserved experience to help soothe muscle pain and fatigue.

For more information, go to: www.discover-oita.com

SOURCE: Oita Prefecture


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