Scenic takes guests to the wonders of Oman and Israel with the launch of its latest brochure

Scenic Luxury Cruise and Tour has launched its latest brochure featuring the very popular Egypt and Jordan product, with extension itineraries taking guest into the newly emerging markets of Oman and Israel.

“The emerging destination of Oman is one of intriguing cultures, stunning natural beauty and a history dating back centuries”, said Lisa Bolton, General Manager Product, Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours.  “When combined with Israel you get mystical, spiritual, complex, and contradictory, tours like no other.

“These newly emerging destinations are what our guests are looking for. As seasoned travellers looking for new experiences that go beyond the ordinary, our new range of itineraries that travel into the heart and soul of destinations such as Oman, Israel and Jordan offering something extraordinary.

“We have chosen tours and activities that provide insights into these truly unique destinations. In Jerusalem we offer a tour of the city with two tour guides – one Jewish Israeli and one Palestinian. Guests get to witness the revered sites of the Old City through their eyes, consider recent tensions, and ponder the city’s future. Guests get to stand before the famous ‘Wailing Wall’ and soak in the aura of the holiest of Jerusalem’s Jewish sites; go 4WD driving through the undulating dunes of Oman’s Wahiba Desert, stopping at Bimah sinkhole, a spectacular limestone crater filled with shimmering blue green water.

“The experiences on offer in these new programs will leave people changed for ever”, she said

Key Itinerary Highlights include:

12 Day Tour & Cruise, Treasures of Egypt, from Cairo to Cairo, starting at $8,995 per person

The explorer in you will rejoice over what is arguably the biggest concentration of ancient wonders in the world. Pyramids, tombs and temples – Egypt’s glorious past is yours to discover. At Giza Plateau, gaze upon the marvels of the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, then in Luxor, stand among ancient temples, tombs and monuments. Travel in the footsteps of the pharaohs on a luxury cruise along the Nile, Egypt’s lifeblood, and discover monumental temples before relaxing in iconic luxury at Aswan. Stand in awe before the extraordinary temples of Abu Simbel, relics of ancient times and a legacy to modern engineering feats, and uncover the treasures of the Egyptian Museum in bustling Cairo.

14 Day Tour & Cruise, Egypt in Depth, from Cairo to Cairo, starting at $9,695 per person

Follow the course of the ancient pharaohs’ processions as you cruise leisurely up the Nile and discover ancient wonders and timeless villages along its banks. Everything in Egypt seems to be on an impossibly grand scale – history spanning thousands of years, majestic temples, gigantic monuments and vast deserts. Flowing through the centre is its eternal lifeblood, the mighty Nile.

New and exclusive to Scenic – our new combination land tours that take in the stunning wonders of Oman and Israel. Highlights include:

26 Day Tour and Cruise, A Journey through Antiquity, Cairo to Jerusalem, starting from $25,775pp

See the lofty peaks of the pyramids to the lowest point on Earth at the Dead Sea, embark on a journey that will unveil ancient secrets and change your perspective of life. In Egypt, travel back in time in 5-star luxury with Special Stays like the Marriott Mena House Hotel offering spectacular views of the Great Pyramids. In Jordan, the stunning and unusual desert landscapes of Jordan will come as a pleasant surprise, as will the magnificence of the Treasury of Petra, the extreme salinity of the Dead Sea. Israel will move you in ways that cannot be put into words. The Holy City of Jerusalem will open your eyes to the complexities of a land held sacred by multiple religions while the liveliness of Tel Aviv will help you appreciate the lighter things in life

26 Day Tour & Cruise, Wonders of the Nile Jordan and Oman, starting from $25,290pp

Experience towering pyramids to seemingly bottomless sinkholes, your journey will be filled with astonishing wonders – natural and manmade, old and new The Nile with all her wondrous riverside treasures beckons for an unforgettable journey through the land of the pharaohs. Visit the 20 metre monolith of the Sphinx, take a 6 day cruise down the life giving waters of the Nile and examine the priceless artefacts from King Tut’s tomb. In Jordan give in to your sense of wonder as you take in the Martian landscape of Wadi Rum, admire the rose red city of Petra, visit Jesus’s baptism site and float in the Dead Sea. Explore the quiet beauty of Oman with its spectacular natural beauty, shimmering coastlines and impeccable Bedouin hospitality.

Book before 28 February 2020 to take advantage of the great Scenic Earlybird Offers, which include:

  • Flights included when booking select Ultimate Journeys
  • Companion flights included when booking any Egypt, Jordan, Israel or Oman tour of 14 days or less
  • Fly Business Class from only $2,995 per person when booking select Ultimate Journeys

For bookings please contact your travel agent or contact Scenic on 138 128

SOURCE: Scenic


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