Aurora Expeditions new 2023/24 Antarctica and 2023 Arctic, British Isles voyages

Aurora Expeditions has released a bumper season launch, with its new 2023/24 Antarctica season giving adventurous travellers even more options for exploring the white continent, as well as a new selection of 2023 Arctic and British Isles voyages aboard Sylvia Earle.

Aurora Expeditions’ new Antarctica season features dozens of departures across both vessels in the company’s fleet, purpose-built expedition ships the Greg Mortimer and the brand-new Sylvia Earle. Aurora’s classic voyages feature alongside six new and innovative itineraries such as the Antarctic Explorer Express, a 9-day voyage tailored for travellers seeking a briefer adventure to the Antarctic Peninsula, all the way to Circle and Weddell, an 18-day voyage aiming to tick two major Antarctica boxes off travellers’ lists – crossing the Antarctic Circle and venturing into the infamous Weddell Sea.

Travellers looking to explore the Arctic and British Isles during 2023 will also have several new itineraries to choose from. The Svalbard in Depth itinerary offers extra time for deeper and genuine exploration in this magical region; Iceland, Jan Mayen, Svalbard offers a combination of breathtaking contrasts as passengers sail across the Arctic Circle to the High Arctic, while the Complete Northwest Passage voyage will attempt to sail the full length of the Northwest Passage from West Greenland to Nome, Alaska over 30 days. In the British Isles, a new Ireland & Scotland Discovery voyage will explore Ireland’s rugged west coast, the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland Islands over 17 days.

“We are thrilled to launch our new Antarctica season, where we have continued to build on our pioneering heritage in exploring this region,” commented Hayley Peacock-Gower, CMO of Aurora Expeditions.

“Alongside our well-loved classic itineraries, we have continued to innovate and offer new and varied ways for our expeditioners to discover this awe-inspiring destination, whether it be via our numerous fly-sail options, voyages ranging from 9-24 days, or the introduction of new itinerary combinations that are not offered by other operators in the market. In the Arctic and British Isles, Aurora Expeditions’ expeditioners are also being given a wealth of new wild and remote voyages to choose from, all sailing on our brand-new vessel, the Sylvia Earle.”

The new season complements the previously announced new 2023 voyages including the company’s first expedition to the Islands of the Atlantic, including Cape Verde, the Canary Islands and the Azores, while other new highlight itineraries include the Northern Lights Explorer, offering superb opportunities to witness the natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, and Across the Arctic Circle, combining three unique worlds on one unforgettable journey from Scotland to Norway.

Alongside the season launch, Aurora is offering an early-bird offer* of 20% off.

New itineraries include:

Antarctica 2023/24
Falklands~Malvinas and Antarctic Peninsula, Santiago/Ushuaia, 22 Oct-6 Nov 2023 on the Greg Mortimer – A wildlife hotspot and paradise for birders, the Falklands~Malvinas is often a stop on a longer itinerary to the Antarctic. We enjoy and in-depth, five-day exploration of the Falklands~Malvinas, as well as experiencing the Antarctic Peninsula in mid-Spring when it is at its most pristine and ideal for landscape photography.
Antarctic Peninsula in Depth, Ushuaia/Ushuaia, 28 Nov-12 Dec 2023 on the Sylvia Earle – The ultimate expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula that seeks to include visits to some well-known locations and opportunities for surprise discoveries, with nine full days to discover the wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula in the peak of summer.
South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey featuring South Sandwich Islands, Ushuaia/Ushuaia, 19 Jan-11 Feb 2024 on the Sylvia Earle – On this epic voyage, passengers will explore the famed white continent, enjoy two days discovering the Falkands~Malvinas, encounter the wildlife haven in South Georgia, but they will also sail to the South Sandwich Islands, a chain of seldom-visited volcanic islands located 740 kilometres south-east of South Georgia. Simply reaching these wild, far-flung islands is an adventure.
Antarctic Explorer Express, Ushuaia/Punta Arenas, 10-18 Feb 2024 on the Sylvia Earle – The younger sibling to our fully-grown Antarctic Explorer voyage, Antarctic Explorer Express is a condensed version of the longer itinerary for travellers who might be short on time.
Deep Weddell Following Nordensköld, Ushuaia/Ushuaia, 24 Mar-06 Apr 2024 on Sylvia Earle – A new voyage that focuses on the Weddell Sea region more than any other of Aurora’s voyages. The Weddell Sea region is renowned for vast amounts of ice – sea ice, pack ice and gigantic icebergs. For adventurous expeditioners, a visit to the area can be rewarding, not least for its historical associations.
Circle and Weddell, Ushuaia/Ushuaia, 08-25 Mar 2024 on the Sylvia Earle – Antarctic adventurers can aim to tick two boxes off their bucket list on this voyage, where you have the opportunity to visit regions in Antarctica that most people will never experience, not even among those who have been to Antarctica – below the Antarctic Circle and attempting to forge a path through the ice in the Weddell Sea.

Arctic & British Isles 2023
Svalbard in Depth, Longyearbyen/Longyearbyen, 26 Jun-10 Jul 2023 on the Sylvia Earle – On this extended exploration of the Svalbard archipelago, there is ample time to enjoy the best of this magical region, home to two arctic giants reign – the majestic polar bear and beguiling walrus. Be dazzled by jawdropping icy landscapes and hope for unforgettable wildlife encounters.
East Greenland Explorer, Reykjavik/Reykjavik, 15-28 Aug 2023 on the Sylvia Earle – Explore Scoresbysund, the world’s largest fjord system, where dramatic cliffs soar skyward, where jagged mountain ranges sweep across the horizon and where countless glaciers forge their way to the sea. Zodiac excursions reveal steep-sided fjords filled with dazzling icebergs calved from Greenland’s enormous ice cap, while keeping a lookout for whales. On guided hikes, stride across vibrant arctic tundra, keeping a close watch for musk ox and the elusive arctic fox.
Iceland, Jan Mayen, Svalbard, Reykjavik/Longyearbyen, 13-27 Jun 2023 on the Sylvia Earle – From the volcanic landscapes of Iceland and Jan Mayen, following the ice edge to the Arctic wonderland of Svalbard, you will delight in the breathtaking contrasts as you sail across the Arctic Circle to the High Arctic attempting to reach N80˚latitude. Keep a close watch for tail flukes as whales prepare to dive, or a pronounced blow as they surface for breath. Our binoculars are constantly focused on the pack ice looking for the majestic polar bears, while thrilling Zodiac excursions reveal glacier-filled fjords and walruses hauled out on ice floes.
Complete Northwest Passage, Toronto/Anchorage, 24 Aug – 22 Sep 2023 on the Sylvia Earle – On this epic voyage inspired by Roald Amundsen’s historic expedition, we attempt to sail the full length of the Northwest Passage, carving our way west through the labyrinthine maze of waterways that hug the fabled islands of Arctic Canada until we reach the Beaufort Sea. Building on our classic Northwest Passage voyage, we visit historical sites explored by heroic explorers, meet the incredible folk that call this region home, and search for enigmatic wildlife found in this unique corner of the world.
Ireland & Scotland Discovery, Dublin/Aberdeen, 17 May – 02 Jun 2023 on the Sylvia Earle – Explore the rugged west coast of Ireland, journey through hundreds of islands and enchanting peninsulas to discover unique flora and fauna. Witness The Skellig Islands that includes a 6th century beehive hut monastery – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Scotland’s equally wild and wind-ravaged islands in the west coast, we marvel at striking basalt columns at Fingal’s Cave, revel in remarkable archaeological treasures and encounter some of the largest breeding colonies of northern gannets in the world.

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SOURCE: Aurora Expeditions  / IMAGE: Looking over the Bow of the Greg Mortimer Antarctica – Credit Scott Portelli


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