Digging deep with 69 digs

69 Tours launches new adventures in September 2021 in Melbourne

Building on the success of last year’s launch of the unique Treasure Hunt Tours in Melbourne and Sydney, Melbourne based, small group tour operator, 69 Tours, has expanded this concept with the creation of 69 Digs, a specialised tour arm of 69 Tours. 69 Digs are treasure hunting expeditions targeted at metal detectorists, treasure hunting hobbyist and families that are looking to experience something quirky and unique that will provide entertainment and excitement for the whole family, giving them a good reason to come to visit Melbourne. New multi-day treasure hunting expeditions are planned for launch in Melbourne in September 2021.
69 Digs offers a selection of innovative, family friendly, multi-day experiences that provide participants fun, adventure, as well as a hands-on experience, while learning more about the hobby itself. Youngsters are well catered for with the child-friendly equipment weighing just 1kg. Newbies to the hobby of metal detecting will transition into experienced detectorists thanks to the various expeditions and educational workshops included in each package. More experienced detectorists are also catered for as their host and guide is an internationally experienced treasure hunter and metal detectorists who knows many great spots in, and around, Melbourne that are soaked with old and new treasures.
“We are taking our existing Treasure Hunting Tours to the next level, providing participants with more outings, more education, more experiences and the opportunity to find a lot more treasure” says Peter Solanikow, founder and head guide of 69 Tours.
A choice of 3, 5 or 7 night, all-inclusive, treasure hunting expeditions will be offered from September 2021. The offers include personal airport/train station transfers, private transport, accommodation, food and beverages, treasure hunting expeditions in and around Melbourne, as well as metal detecting workshops. BYO equipment or hire at a highly discounted rate. There are no set tours, rather, the outings more closely resemble planned expeditions and adventures that are customised to the individual needs of the treasure hunter, or small group of treasure hunters. Prices start from less than $500 per child, and $750 per adult. These are the only tours of this kind in Melbourne.
69 Tours provides very unique and interesting, family friendly tours of locations that are often neglected by larger, mainstream, commercial tour operators, with a focus on servicing the discerning and sophisticated tour guests who appreciate and value a personalised tour experience that is flexible and catered to their personal and family needs.

For information or questions, please contact: Peter Solanikow, Founder and Head Guide 69 Tours via email: Peter@69tours.com
or call on 0413 69 69 79.

SOURCE: 69 Tours


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