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Our guide to Australia’s unknown big things

We all know the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, but did you know Australia is home to many quirky big things across the states? We have put together a list of our favourite quirky and unknown Australian big things.

The Big Lobster – Known as Larry to the locals, the lobster stands a mighty 17 metres tall and calls the town of Kingston SE, South Australia home.

The Big Prawn – There’s nothing like throwing a shrimp on the bbq is there? See Australia’s largest Prawn in Ballina NSW, the giant crustacean even underwent its own mini makeover in 2013.

The Big Golden Guitar – Located in Australia’s home of country music Tamworth, NSW, this local monument was built in 1988 and stands an impressive 12 meters high!

The Big Bogan – One of Australia’s more controversial big things, the Big Bogan built in 2015 can be found in the heart of the Bogan Shire, Nyngan NSW.

The Big Barramundi – Located on top of the Big Barramundi Barbecue Gardens restaurant, this giant fibreglass sculpture is located amongst the Daintree Village, QLD.

Giant Koala – Located between two small Victorian country towns, this giant model of our most iconic animal is an outstanding 14 meters high and was erected in 1989.