10 reasons to answer the call of Vanuatu in 2021

As we welcome in a new year, it’s time to start dreaming of better days ahead. If you plan to dive headfirst into an overseas adventure, Vanuatu should be right up there on your shortlist. Vanuatu has got all there COVID safe plans in place and are look forward to welcoming you back when the borders open again.

Here are 10 great reasons to answer the call of Vanuatu.

  1. They’ve kept it beautiful for you – The Ni-Vanuatu people have a deep respect for the land, so you’ll find everything as nature intended.
  2. It’s a great place for the whole family – Vanuatu is a place of connection where everyone is made to feel welcome and amazing experiences best shared with the whole family.
  3. It is time to start living again – It’s time to rediscover your passions. From swimming, diving and sailing, to hiking, cycling and horse riding, get out there and do the things you love.
  4. Widen your circle of friends – Our gratitude to every visitor supporting our country is reflected in every friendly smile and warm welcome, and the basis for many a lifelong friendship.
  5. Discover ancient cultures and traditions – Just because you can’t fly long haul doesn’t mean you can’t be a world away. Vanuatu offers a traditional way of living so very different to your own – with mystical kastom and culture at the heart of everyday life.
  6. Let go – Leap from a rope swing, dive reefs, laugh with the locals and stand on the edge of a live volcano. Life’s so much more fun when you learn to let go.
  7. Make 2021 extraordinary – Make 2021 a year to remember by planning all those amazing things you’ve been dreaming about but haven’t been able to do. Extraordinary adventures await in Vanuatu.
  8. Give your mind a holiday – It’s time to sweep away all those negative sentiments and let your mind wander. Vanuatu offers many incredible ways to revitalise your spirit.
  9. Laugh til your cheeks hurt – Aside from natural wonders and breathtaking views, the most common sight here is the Vanuatu smile. It’s everywhere. Island life is filled with fun and good times – and it’s high time you joined the party.
  10. Who needs a reason? – Who are we to tell you why you need a holiday? Whatever the reason for your getaway, Vanuatu offers something for everyone

To learn more, click HERE.

SOURCE: Vanuatu Tourism Office 





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