How to pack like a pro

COVID-19 may have pressed pause on the travel plans of many, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare! Travel & Cruise Weekly invites you to learn how to pack like a pro while we’ve had our collective wings clipped. Here are 10 ideas, suggested by both T&CW and its readers, for streamlining your packing so you spend less time loading and more time lounging when you’re travelling. 

1) If Marie Kondo were around while you were packing, she would make sure you are maximising the space of your baggage! The rule of thumb here is: if it can be rolled, it should be. Roll up all your clothes to make the most of your space.

2) Vacations are unpredictable and accidents happen, so best not to bring those Nike Air Force 1s with you. Those who “pack the old and welcome the new” bring their least-prized clothing so there are no tears if there is a mishap, and much less umm-ing and ahh-ing about what to ditch if new purchases mean you need to make some space.

3) Describing it as “the item you never knew you needed but always use,” our reader Shannon makes sure to always pack a sarong, especially in warm-weather destinations, and we’re taking this further – anything like this which possesses high versatility is a must-have in your baggage.

4) Can’t go anywhere without your cheese and wine? Anne suggests always bringing along plastic cutlery and zipper storage bags to keep your cheese and crackers fresh. Even if this is not you, plastic cutlery and zipper bags are never bad to have handy.

5) It’s always a great idea to carry medical suppliers with you, but a great way to make sure they don’t get lost is to store them in an empty jar, rather than toting a bulky first aid kit. It should be able to fit the essentials, such as medication, Band-Aids, bandages, etc.

6) Got a little extra space? A bottle of Febreze never goes astray if you want to give your clothes that fresh feel.

7) Don’t want your clothes getting dirty? Perhaps you’re going on an outdoors vacation? Be sure to bring with you, or collect as you go, disposable shower caps to cover your shoes, so dirt does not litter your clothes, nor the inside of your bag!

8) Has your luggage ever gone missing? Then you’ll know what Nicole is talking about when she suggests splitting the load when travelling with a partner. That way, if a bag goes missing, both travellers will have something to wear, rather than just one!

9) Are you the type to get homesick, even on your amazing vacation? Judy never leaves Australia without a jar of Vegemite…

10) Can’t be bothered with any of this hoohaa? Do what Tiffany does, and shove everything in as you please; and if you’re having a little trouble, don’t be afraid to use force!



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